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Titanic Lego Set Recreation Is Amazing Until You Find Out The Time, Money Involved

Titanic LEGO Set

This time-lapse video of a kid recreating the Titanic using LEGO is pretty amazing.

Then you stop to think about how much it probably costs for this kit or to collect all of the bricks necessary to build the world’s most unsinkable ship.

According to the official LEGO website, this monster would run about $300 but there is a smaller version for around $100.

Titanic LEGO Set Creation


The original video clocked over 36M views.

It’s easy to see why. LEGO fans are nuts!!

Here’s another timelapse video of a smaller Titanic LEGO with some peaceful music that will lull you into thinking this build would be fun and relaxing.

How much for LEGO mini-figs of Jack and Rose to put onboard Titanic Lego?

I’d leave them floating around the side of the Titanic with Jack constantly screaming ROSE MOVE OVER! THERE’S ENOUGH ROOM ON THAT PIECE OF WOOD FOR BOTH OF US! THIS WATER IS FREEZING!!!

Even though LEGO doesn’t make an official Titanic building set, sets are available from other manufacturers.

Dovob Micro Mini Blocks Titanic

Micro blocks are considered a superior building experience with greater challenge, sophistication, and detail than any other construction set.

Dovob believes “the smaller the brick the better the build.”

Kids can build models with incredible detail, astounding authenticity and unparalleled realism, results unmatched by other Block-Based systems.

Get it now —> Dovob Micro Mini Blocks Titanic  

COBI Historical Collection R.M.S. Titanic model ship

COBI Historical Collection R.M.S. Titanic Building Block set

This COBI Historical Collection R.M.S. Titanic model ship consists of 600 blocks.

Once completed it is 61.5 cm long and 20 cm high.

On the underside of the model, there are miniature wheels that allow it to ride it on the floor or carpet. It has movable propellers.

It also includes a plate with a ship’s name and a miniature iceberg.

This unique model from COBI is more than just a toy!

Young or old you will enjoy the time spent assembling this incredible model.

Once completed, this set makes for a very nice display piece for the mantel or a shelf on your child’s bedroom wall.

Get it now —> COBI Historical Collection R.M.S. Titanic

Oxford Titanic Building Block Kit

Oxford Titanic Building Block Kit

Experience the wonder and magic of the Titanic with this building brick set!

The ship of dreams can be at your fingertips. This replica is hyper-realistic and suitable for ages 8 and up. The tight fit bricks are compatible with all major brands and will work with your children’s existing collection.

This high-quality model is made from ABS plastic is safe, durable and made for long term use. The set includes 907 pieces and a detailed, color instruction manual.

Get it now —> Oxford Titanic Building Block Kit 



  • The Brick Loot Titanic Building Bricks Set has 390 larger blocks for the little kids.
  • Nanoblocks are a construction product that allows the most intricate of model making with unique tiny-sized blocks. They have a Titanic set as well.
  • And finally, the POCO DIVO RMS Titanic Micro Block Building Set has 1860 pieces and comes with detailed instructions and the blocks are made from non-toxic and non-corrosive material.
  • The Lulufun Titanic block set has refined blocks made from eco-friendly material and offers a smooth surface that are easy to combine with each other. No burr, no toxic and no deformation, providing you and your kids a meaningful assembly experience.

For less expensive but still awesome LEGO stuff that isn’t connected to major tragedy in our country’s history, go here.


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