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Titanic Lego Set Recreation Is Amazing Until You Find Out The Time, Money Involved


This time-lapse video of a kid recreating the Titanic using LEGO is pretty amazing.

Then you stop to think how much it probably cost for this kit or to collect all of the bricks necessary to build the worlds most unsinkable ship.

According to the official LEGO website, this monster would run about $300 but there is a smaller version for around $100.

This video has clocked over 36M views. It’s easy to see why. LEGO fans are nuts!!

Here’s another timelapse video of a smaller Titanic LEGO with some peaceful music that will lull you into thinking this build would be fun and relaxing.

How much for LEGO mini-figs of Jack and Rose to put onboard Titanic Lego?

Id leave them floating around the side of the Titanic with Jack constantly screaming ROSE MOVE OVER! THERES ENOUGH ROOM ON THAT PIECE OF WOOD FOR BOTH OF US! THIS WATER IS FREEZING!!!

Even though LEGO doesn’t make an official Titanic building set, sets are available from other manufacturers.

For less expensive but still awesome LEGO stuff that aren’t connected to major tragedy, go here.


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