12 Best Books To Buy For New Dads & Expectant Fathers

Looking for the perfect books for new dads? Look no further than these twelve great reads for the guy who’ll be a dad in no time.

The role of dads in the home has changed dramatically over the last few decades.

Fathers are taking a much more active role in caring for their kids, helping out around the house, and even assuming the role of a stay-at-home father. And the ranks of stay-at-home and single fathers have grown significantly in recent decades.

The number of stay-at-home fathers in the United States is an estimated 1.4 million, more than double from just ten years ago.

With fathers taking on more responsibility in child-rearing, it’s only natural that the amount of information available to new dads and expectant fathers has also increased. For this reason, more books for new dads are available than ever before. I should know, I wrote a book for new dads. And of course, it’s on this list.

Before you choose a popular parenting styleor accidentally give yourchildan awful first name, learn everything you’ll need to know about being a new dad. Here are the best books for new dads to add to every expectant father’s reading list.

BestBooks For New Dads

Best Books For New Dads And Fathers

The New Dad Dictionary: Everything He Really Needs to Know – from A to Z

Naturally, this is my favorite book for new dads because I wrote it! But seriously, “The New Dad Dictionary” is a great resource for expectant fathers. Here’s why – it’s a crash course in today’s parenting language, guiding new dads through all the terms they’ll hear during doctor visits, when reading magazines, websites and even some of these books for new dads and during conversations with the mom-to-be.

WHAT NEW DADS WILL LEARN FROM THIS BOOK:Featuring hundreds of real-life explanations for popular words and phrases, this books for dads-to-benot only translates these textbook terms into plain English, but also teaches you what changes to expect from your baby–and mom–during this time. Don’t bangyour head against the wall and discover everything you need to know about raising a child.

We’re Pregnant! The First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Handbook

Being a great first-time dad doesnt mean being perfect. It means having the tools you need to be a supportive partner during and after pregnancy?which is exactly what “Were Pregnant! The First-Time Dads Pregnancy Handbook” is all about.

From heartburn and headaches to birth and breastfeeding, Were Pregnant! features practical, action-oriented pregnancy advice from the author of the Dad or Alive blog, Adrian Kulp, a (once clueless) dad whos been there and done that?three times, in fact!

WHAT NEW DADS WILL LEARN FROM THIS BOOK: “Were Pregnant!” delivers real-world pregnancy advice with a humorous tone that will get first-time dads ready, willing, and able to carry their portion of the pregnancy weight.pickles and ice cream not included.

The Dad’s Playbook: Wisdom For Fathers From The Greatest Coaches Of All Time

This gift book for dad collects more than 100 inspiring quotes from the greatest coaches of all time. After all, dads do what the best coaches do: they motivate, mentor, discipline, and love. Author and parenting expert Tom Limbert takes wisdom from John Madden, Vince Lombardi, Tommy Lasorda, Phil Jackson, and many more, and applies it to fatherhood.

With a foreword by Steve Young and photos of famous coaches in action, dads will find a wealth of inspiration in these pages.

WHAT NEW DADS WILL LEARN FROM THIS BOOK: Besides a slew of awesome quotes from legends in their respective field, the book is filled with insight from the author, Tom Limbert. Limbert is a Parent Educator and Preschool Director who has been working with families of young children since 1992. He lives in Northern California and can be found online at

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The Dad’s Playbook To Labor & Birth

The Dads Playbook to Labor and Birthis a basic guide for the man who wants to help his partner in labor but who doesnt want to study obstetrics or question a doctors advice, and who may even feel uncomfortable about witnessing a normal birth.

The book is written in a simple, straightforward manner and assumes that the reader is male and that the birth is taking place in a hospital–and that the mom will probably want an epidural. Its tone is lighthearted and often quite humorous. The chapters are arranged chronologically, from late pregnancy through the early postpartum period.

WHAT NEW DADS WILL LEARN FROM THIS BOOK: Among other things, this book for new dads offersadvice on understanding a womans needs by analyzing her personality and tips for the dad who is prone to fainting or nausea.

Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad!

There are approximately 3,712 ways for a guy to look stupid during pregnancy – this book’s here to help you avoid all(most) of them. And here’s your first hint: Focus on what you can be doing for her rather than what’s happening to her.

She’s pregnant. She knows that. You know that. And her 152 baby books tell her exactly what she can expect. Your job is to learn what you can do between the stick turning blue and the drive to the delivery room to make the next nine months go as smoothly as possible.

That’s where John Pfeiffer steps in. Like any good coach, he’s been through it. He’s dealt with the morning sickness and doctor visits, painting the baby’s nursery and packing the overnight bag, choosing a name, hospital, and the color of the car seat cover. All the while he remained positive and responsive – there with a “You’re beautiful” when necessary – but assertive during the decision-making process (he didn’t want to wind up with a kid named Percy). And now it’s your turn.

WHAT NEW DADS WILL LEARN FROM THIS BOOK: She might be having the baby, but you have plenty of responsibilities. Pfeiffer is the perfect person to give advice. He’s a married father of three. With a stepdaughter, a naturally conceived daughter, and a baby by way of a threesome (with an IVF specialist), Pfeiffer is especially qualified to take expectant dads all the way through pregnancy’s home stretch.

The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-to-Be

In addition to sharing the wisdom of the ages, Armin A. Brott, Mr. Dad, presents new insight into the emotional, financial, and physicalyes, physicaleffects of impending parenthood on men.This information-packed, month-by-month guide incorporates the expertise of top practitioners in their fields, from obstetricians and birth-class instructors to psychologists and sociologists. It also draws from Brotts own experience as a father of three and from the real-world experiences of the thousands of dads hes interviewed.

Thanks to this handy reference moms-to-be will know their partner understands and supports them during this anxious and exciting time, and that he has all the tools he needs to be a fantastic, hands-on dad.

WHAT NEW DADS WILL LEARN FROM THIS BOOK:Weareexpecting! The twentieth-anniversary edition of this thoroughly updated and revised parenting classic remains the most informative and reassuring book for expectant fathers everywhere.



New Dad Survival Guide

BestBooks For New Dads (cont.)

The New Dad’s Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers

I might have written the stay-at-home dad survival guide, but this book goes above and beyond to help EVERY dad.

Finally, a bookfor dads-to-bethat deciphers the immensely confusing world of fatherhood and gives crucial tips and advice from a man’s point of view. No psychobabble, no warm fuzzies-just a hilarious (and surprisingly practical) military-style guide to surviving and thriving through even the queasiest moments of pregnancy, birth, and babyhood.

Seasoned father and master infant-tamer Scott Mactavish breaks the Baby Code down and lays it out in straight-up guy speak.


7 Tips For New Dads

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

The advice that dads traditionally give is so commonplace, it seems almost clichd: Go to school and do well. Save your money. Work hard, and financial reward will follow. What would you say upon learning that dear ol’ Dad was dead wrong?

In his explosive financial manuals, Robert T. Kiyosaki suggests that perhaps you shouldn’t have taken Dad’s advice, encouraging a new look at an old financial mindset. The subtitle of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” says it all: “What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!” Contending that the wealthy have learned to make money work for them, rather than toiling for the almighty dollar, Kiyosaki reveals the secrets to success his way.

WHAT NEW DADS WILL LEARN FROM THIS BOOK: In this great book for new dads, readers will learn that high income isn’t necessary to become rich, they’ll learn that they can’t rely on the school system to properly teach kids about money and explains what parents, and kids, need to do to achieve long-lasting financial success.

Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook For New Dads

An indispensable survival manual for guys entering the trenches of fatherhood, Be Prepared is loaded with one-of-a-kind insights, MacGyver-esque tips and tricks, and no-nonsense advice for mastering the first year as a dad.

WHAT NEW DADS WILL LEARN FROM THIS BOOK:Packed with helpful diagrams and detailed instructions, and delivered with a wry sense of humor, “Be Prepared” is the ultimate guide for sleep-deprived, applesauce-covered fathers everywhere. New dads will learn how to change a baby at apacked sports arena, how to create a decoy drawer full of old wallets, remote controls, and cell phones to throw baby off the scent of your real gear and how to stay awake (or at least stand up straight) at work.

From Dude to Dad: The Diaper Dude Guide to Pregnancy

Dude, relax; youre going to be fine. But it wouldnt hurt to get a few pointersa road map of what lies ahead. Thats what this book is for.

From “Dude to Dad” gives you the need-to-know essentials on pregnancy, birthing, and parenthood, and how its okay to be scared out of your mind.Be prepared for the arrival that will ultimately change your life in the best way possible.

WHAT NEW DADS WILL LEARN FROM THIS BOOK: Expectant fathers and new dads will learn what the expecting mom is going through during each trimester, how you can be the best partner and dad-to-be, and how to immediately start bonding with baby.

What to Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding

The third edition of one of the best books for new dads, “What to Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding,” is now thoroughly revised and updated, but it’s still packed with information, advice, and attitude distinctively for guys. Originally conceived as a little parody, just something funny and helpful for the expectant man, the book is now a classic gift, passed knowingly from one generation of first-time papas to the next.

With this lighthearted, month-by-month instruction manual on the care and nurture of a pregnant wifethe main role of expectant dadshe’ll handle all the important milestones and topics: what not to say during the three phases of labor; what to buy, how many, and when; maintaining work-life balance; maintaining work-life-wife balance.

WHAT NEW DADS WILL LEARN FROM THIS BOOK: In this humorous take on the popular book, “What To Expect When Your Wife Is Expecting”, new dads will learn how to handle all the important milestones and topics, what not to say during the three phases of labor, what to buy, how many, and when, maintaining work-life balance and maintaining work-life-wife balance.

Man vs. Child: One Dads Guide to the Weirdness of Parenting

Not many authors can say they’ve written one of Amy Poehler’s favorite parenting books but Doug Moe can add that to his already-impressive professional resume.

“Man vs. Child” is a funny, fresh take on the parenting guide, written from the dad’s perspective.

Author and popular Upright Citizens Brigade performer Doug Moe knows first-time fathers are as worried about being terrible at their new terrifying jobs as new moms are. But while most modern fathering guides center on men’s oafish parental failings, “Man vs. Child” forgoes condescension in favor of fresh and irreverent wit.

WHAT NEW DADS WILL LEARN FROM THIS BOOK:From caring for a newborn to dealing with a kid on the verge of adolescence, author Doug Moe breaks fatherhood down into survival lessons like “Time to Decide About God” and quizzes that ask dads to reflect on hilarious parenting questions like “Is My Child Too Annoying for This Restaurant?”

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