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Parenting Tip #359 – Home Remedies That Don’t Include Buying Leeches

Here are some common issues and home remedies proven to work though not all might be suitable for use on kids. Feel free to experiment on yourself.

What the hell is mercurochrome?!?!

Can you believe I’m on note #359?!?! If you’ve missed any (and likely you have) check out the Message With A Bottle archive.

Seriously though, grandparents, their hearts are in the right place, but their medical advice is usually stuck somewhere around the time when people put booze on baby teeth to help with teething.

I’ll be fair and say that the suggestions and home remedies aren’t always nuts, especially when it comes to home remedies. Here are a few I’ve tried – on myself mostly – that actually work and are probably fine to try on kids. Ask a doctor first though.

Home Remedies For Kids

Cure Motion Sickness With Lemons

Sometimes motion sickness hits, even in kids.

Motion sickness is often accompanied by excess salivating.

The tannins found in lemons (and in olives, too) dry out the mouth, eliminating saliva and, in turn, ease the issue of motion sickness.

Onions For Earaches

Most earaches are caused by fluid trapped inside causing infection. The antiseptic properties of onions can disinfect the ear canal, bringing quick pain relief.

Boil an onion until soft and once it cools enough to touch, squeeze the juice into a bowl.

Using a medicine dropper, apply 2-5 drops of the warm juice into the affected ear.

Honey For Coughs

A 2007 Pennsylvania State University compared the effectiveness of a dose of dextromethorphan – usually in many cough syrups – to buckwheat honey.

Honey worked better.

Baking Soda On Bug Bites

The alkalinebakingsodahelps counteract the acidic swelling.

Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with just enough water to make a thick paste, smear it on the bites, and let it dry.

Bite A Pencil For Headaches

How do you handle feeling anxious or stressed out? Most people clench their teeth and jaw which, in turn, puts a strain on the muscle that joins your jaw and temples.

This clenching leads to headaches or sometimes even worse conditions like lockjaw.

A pencil can relieve your headache.

Just put the pencil in between your teeth, but don’t bite down, and it will relax the jaw muscle and reduce the pain.

Have your parents ever offered insane medical advice when your kids are sick? Let’s hear about them in the comments.


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