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25 Funniest Parenting Memes And Tweets This Week

Best Parenting Tweets Memes This Week

Next week, the notes return on a weekly basis. My apologies for not posting as many in the last few months. I’ve been busy recording, editing, and writing about the two different podcasts – one about running and fitness and the other about professional wrestling – that I’m currently hosting.

I often think of this LeBron James quote I read a while back when I put something I like doing on the back burner to focus my energy somewhere else.

LeBron’s philosophy in life is “Make the most important thing, the most important thing.”

In his case, basketball is the most important thing, and focusing on being an all-time great in the sport often leads to other opportunities in business and his personal life.

I try to put the “most important thing” front and center but my problem is always finding my most important thing.

I love doing the notes. I love hosting podcasts. I love writing.

Choosing one above the others is like choosing one kid over the other. I love both equally.

Anyway, that’s my long explanation for the notes being few and far between. They’ll be back next week. Hopefully, so will you.

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