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Parenting Note #739: Just Look Busy

Parenting note #739

Here’s the funny thing about the LEGO set in the picture – the kid received two for Christmas. Two of the same set. He asked to keep both.

“You put together the first set and I’ll put together the second.”

That was the deal he proposed.

I agreed.

I put together both.

Other Things I Did When I Wasn’t Writing Notes

  • This guy was so afraid to go home because of Covid, he hid in an airport undetected FOR 3 MONTHS.
  • If you’re not sure about being buried in the ground when you die, or cremation feels TOO final, you might want to consider being composted. No, really.
  • I love running but I’m not sure I love it enough to run a 5K in my hotel room.
  • Matthew McConaughey continues to be one of the most interesting dudes on Earth.
  • I had the chance to talk to Jamie Hemmings of Slam Wrestling. She is so interesting to talk to for the female opinion on pro wrestling and books. She was bullied as a kid for liking wrestling and she opens up about what that experience was like in our interview.


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