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Parenting Note #740: Hot Stuff

parenting note #740

I was cooking chicken with a lemon pepper marinade. The chicken wasn’t too spicy and she still wanted to try a piece when it cooled down.

The 7-year-old isn’t too picky. She’ll at least try different foods. The 10-year-old survives on the same four foods.

My town is on the second day of a massive snowstorm.

This is the final day and we’ve already had a foot of snowfall. The final total is estimated to be close to two feet.

I live in an apartment complex. A crew plows the parking lot and shovels the sidewalk. Those are jobs I didn’t think I’d miss doing until I didn’t have to do them anymore. I don’t miss the manual labor but I miss getting out of the house for an hour.

With so many hours spent inside the house, I’m doing more work, which is the fastest route to burnout. To distract me from eating my weight in chips, and working until my brain fries,  I joined TikTok and I don’t dislike the platform as much as I thought I would. Come say hello.


#kindnessmatters #happy #behappy #bepositive #happylife

♬ Try a Little Kindness – Glen Campbell

I plan on doing a dance to celebrate not having to shovel two feet of snow. If you have any other video ideas for me, leave them in the comments.

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