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50 Funniest Parenting Memes + Tweets This Week

best parenting tweets of the week

Welcome to another installment of “parents just barely making it,” better known as, the funniest parenting memes & tweets this week.

Before we jump into the funny stuff I have a question to ask – Have you ever listened to the universe? I mean really listened to the universe.

Here’s an example – did you ever think about someone that you haven’t thought about in months and then a day later they call or text? Did you ever mention a song and randomly that song plays not long after? That’s the universe telling you things.

I’m bringing this up because I’m high as fuck. Kidding. I’m bringing it up because I read something in one of these tweets that brought back a memory of a random moment in my life. It reminded me of a specific person. I reached out to the person. The first words out of their mouth? “Holy shit, I was just thinking about you before!”

The universe does weird shit. Start listening.

Here are this week’s dad jokes, mom puns, funny tweets, memes, and plain old rants from other parents.


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