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50 Funniest Parenting Memes + Tweets This Week

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Welcome to another installment of “parents just barely making it,” better known as, the funniest parenting memes & tweets this week.

My kids have off from school today. Again. It’s not the days off that bother me it’s the fact that they don’t even know WHY they have off.

“Why is school closed?”

They both shrug.

As a kid, I KNEW why I had off because we rarely had off. I went to Catholic school. We only had off for holidays. That’s about it.  And not even all the holidays.

Our teachers didn’t have “in-service” days. They handled that meeting bullshit on their own time. THERE WERE JESUS LESSONS TO GET TO!

Now, kids get the day off because it’s a Thursday, even though it’s only Tuesday.

OK, I’m done bitching.

Enjoy this week’s dad jokes, mom puns, funny tweets, memes, and plain old rants from other parents.




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