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Note #811 – High Noon

Note #811

The kids are fascinated with the weirdest parts of my life. They’ll frequently ask incredibly detailed questions about moments from my childhood, of which I have little to no recall.

My daughter recently asked, “What did you bring to school for lunch?”

I rattled off the typical foods my mom packed for lunch, like leftover meatball sandwiches, turkey, ham, cheese, and the occasional cream cheese and green olive of white bread sandwich.

She recoiled before the last syllable even left my lips. “Cream cheese and huh?”

She took a moment to envision the sandwich in her head, decided the optical was too disgusting to concentrate on any further and changed her line of questioning.

“Did you eat in a cafeteria?”

“No, my elementary school didn’t have a cafeteria. We ate lunch at our desks.”

“Every day?”

“Every day.”

“That sounds awful.”

She asked a few follow-up Qs, got bored with the topic, and retreated to her room to continue her daily ritual of annoying her brother.

Every time the kids ask questions about my past, I spend the next ten minutes stuck thinking about that time. Eating at our desks was pretty awful, especially if you didn’t sit near any friends. (I usually didn’t sit near friends thanks to alphabetical order or always getting my desk moved for talking to friends too much.)

It took a few minutes to come to the realization that, thirty years later, I still eat at my desk. I’m eating a bowl of oatmeal as I write this post. I’ll probably eat lunch at the desk to get some work done. If the kids aren’t around, I’ll eat dinner at my desk as well, to finish more work or watch something on YouTube or just because sitting alone at a table feels, well, lonely.

Eating my desk is a depressing habit that needs breaking, and we all know how much I love rituals and routines.

From this point forward, I will no longer eat at my desk (after this bowl of oatmeal, though) and will eat at the dining room table like a human (or over the sink like the typical parent).

I will eat slowly and enjoy my cream cheese and olive sandwich like an adult.





Does anyone want to help? 🙂

You’re going to tell me I’m wrong?


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I love you all.

Except you, Greg. Screw you.

– Chris


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