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50 Funniest Parenting Memes + Tweets This Week

best parenting memes of the week

Welcome to another installment of “parents about to lose their shit” better known as the funniest parenting memes & tweets of the week. (Cue applause.)

Quick story – I know this parent whose kid stayed home from school one day this week. The kid had a bad head cold and didn’t feel well and hasn’t missed many days of school all year.

In order to prove the kid doesn’t have Covid – even though the kid showed zeros signs of Covid – the kid’s parent needed to show proof of two negative Covid tests so that the kid could go back to school. The parent only had one Covid test in the house but knows for certain the kid doesn’t have Covid.

So, this parent that I know, administered the test to the kid. It came back negative. The parent took a photo of the negative test. The parent then moved to a different part of the room and snapped a photo of the same test.

The kid went back to school the next day.

These are funny times we’re living in.


Please enjoy this collection dad jokes, mom puns, funny tweets, memes, and regular old rants from parents just like us.


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