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Parenting Note #389


Yesterday, I tasked parents to “focus on the good things” about being a parent.

I asked them to share the one thing that keeps every mom and dad going.

Those little moments involved with raising kids.

Here were some of their answers…

Good Things About Being A Parent

“When you’ve just had an epic bedtime battle – water all around the bathtub, toothpaste Jackson Pollock’ed all over the sink & mirror, the day’s dirty clothes hanging from a lampshade, and you’re slumped on the couch waiting for them to fall asleep. Then … when you think you can’t take any more, a tiny voice from upstairs calls: ‘love you Dad.’ That. That makes it all worthwhile.” – Derek

“Mine are 21 and 25 – I love when we laugh til we cry, and cry until we can smile together. When they want to hang out (my son and I just went to a concert together), or ask me what I think about something. Makes me feel “cool,” LOL. And when they are happy, or proud of something they’ve accomplished on their own … (need a tissue). I have some pretty amazing kids” – Karen

“The crazy and hilarious shit they say. I can rest assured my children have taken on my sarcasm, wit, and sense of humour.” – Amanda

“The day you realize you did a kickass job of raising 2 intelligent, kind, humble, take no sh!t from anyone, and didn’t screw them up, sons. (Not too shabby for 2 teenaged parents.” – Erin


“Being able to see children’s Disney movies in the theatre without being judged because I dragged my kids along as a cover.” – Jen

“Mine are 17, 15 and 11. The two oldest are boys and everyone talks about the “hellacious teenage years” and while we have our minor disagreements and the occasional emotional drama, I love my teenage boys. They are kind and respectful and love to hang out with their family. Makes the younger years worth it. My daughter is 11 and such a caring girl. She is sensitive to the needs of those around her and I love her to pieces. I just loved your description of being with your adult kids because I know that is where were are headed and it sounds like so much fun!” – Laura

“First thing in the morning when I get him from his crib and he stretches his little arms out to each of my shoulders and rests his head on me.” – Theresa

“When they’re asleep.” – Jessica

“When your kid occasionally makes a hella funny joke that makes you laugh hysterically.. You’re alright kid.” – Julianna

“They are 23, 20, 18 & 16, and I always get ‘I love you’ when they leave, go off to bed, text, phone…. must’ve done something right!” – Karyn

“I cry often. when Im happy, when Im sad, certain hallmark commercials. My 7-year-old knows this, but the moment one tear is shed, he comes and asks me if Im ok, offers me a tissue, hugs me, and tells me that he loves me. Its by far the best thing thats ever happened to me.” – Krista

“Random hugs and smiles when they see you coming their way.” – Jeanine

“My favorite time… when they come to you asking for a hug and saying they love you.. the best part of that is when they are 13 & 16 and NOT in trouble or asking for something.” – Stacy

“When I pick them up every day and they run to me like they haven’t seen me in a week.” – Amanda G.

“The spontaneous hug, kiss and ‘I love you’ from my 2-year-old.” – Amanda V

Want to add your own? Leave your “good things about being a parent” in the comments section.


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