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Parenting Note #724: Giving Up

parenting note #724

The following topics were covered in the first 8 weeks of homeschooling

– Math
– Social Studies
– English and grammar
– Reading comprehension
– Social learning

The following topics will be covered for the remainder of the homeschool:

Zoom call etiquette: “When mom is on a call, that not a signal to ask every single question that’s ever popped into your head.”

Home economics: “If you’re hungry, get your own goddamn snack.”

Physical fitness: “There’s a 10-foot swimming pool in the backyard. Go use it. If it’s raining, run a bath.”

History: “Remember what happened the last time you and your sister fought? Do you want that to happen again?”

Finances: “Sure, this is your piggy bank, but that’s my money inside. Until you can show me pay stubs, I’m using the cash to tip the pizza guy.”

Research: “Dad doesn’t have all the answers. This is called Google. Get friendly.”

Problem-solving: “Here’s a 5,000 piece puzzle of a black hole. Don’t come out of your room until it’s done.”

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