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Parenting Note #729: Be Careful What You Joke About

I originally wrote this note – or came up with this note idea – in the middle of the soccer season for both kids.

Every Saturday, from 11:30 AM until 3 PM, we were chained to soccer fields.

I love watching my kids play, but after about a month, all three of us are kinda over the entire process of sitting around all morning until game time, sitting around while the other kid plays a game, the bugs, heat and then eventual cold, and chunks of Saturday that eventually gets forgotten like a pile of protein bar wrappers on field #4.

I would make jokes to other parents – and even write on these notes – about many of the things involved with youth sports.

These days, I’d KILL to have something to do for 3+ hours on a Saturday that involves being outside and around other people.

My life is one long list of activities I hate doing but miss as soon as they’re over.

I need to be a little more thankful for the little things in life.

Except mosquitos. Fuck mosquitos.

Other Stuff I Did When I Wasn’t Writing On Notes


  • For the first time in my life, I watched “The Matrix”, and I have many opinions about the film. You can read them all here.
  • If you haven’t already subscribed to my podcast about the running lifestyle, We Run This, please take a moment to listen, subscribe and leave a review on iTunes or like on YouTube.
  • John Krasinski wore a wig on the “The Office” and my mind is blown.


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