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Parenting Note #731: National Parent’s Day

parenting note #731

July 26th was National Parent’s Day. ⁣

I’ve been a parent for over ten years. ⁣WHY THE F*CK AM I JUST FINDING OUT WE HAVE OUR OWN DAY?!?!?!⁣

I spent parent’s day with the kids, hiding inside from the oppressive heat, only running out to get lunch, cough drops because both the kids have head colds, and hand sanitizer.

Last night, I dreamt the kids and I were in a car accident. A twenty car pile-up caused by a group of the same sports car racing on a two-lane road.

In the dream, all of us were fine, but the front of my car was cracked up. Nothing serious, just enough to be annoying ever time I got into the car.

When I woke up, I was relieved it was all just a dream and glad I didn’t have one more thing to take care of on my “to do” list.

This is middle age, being happy to have fewer chores.

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