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Parenting Note #733 – The Show Must Go On (And On)

parenting note #733

The 7-year-old is running out of songs to dance to, songs to sing, and moves to perform. It’s been a long summer.

School “starts” in a few weeks and I’m scrambling to turn my apartment into a makeshift office for the three of us.

They’ll be with their mom most of the time for homeschooling. She has their rooms set up with desks.

My house will feel like they’re working from a Starbucks for the day.

I guess I should figure out how they take their coffees.

Other Stuff I Did When I Wasn’t Writing Notes

I launched a new podcast/interview show on BroBible. It’s called “Not About Wrestling” – the show where I talk to people in the business of professional wrestling about everything but professional wrestling.

In this first episode, Matt Cardona -formerly Zack Ryder in the WWE – talks about being the “Michael Jordan” of wrestling figure collecting, his most prized possession that’s worth a TON of money, the highs and lows of eBay bidding, and much more.

Watch the first episode on YouTube now!

  • Halloween candy will be in stores even earlier this year. If this angers you, you’re probably an idiot.
  • This one is for all the golfers in the crowd. Here are the worst golfers to get stuck playing with all day.
  • Check out this disturbing video of police handcuffing an 8-year-old boy.
  • Seagulls are dicks.
  • And finally, on “We Run This” this week, Nick and I discuss runner’s fatigue. Nick is stuck in the middle of a rut and hasn’t run in weeks. We talk about Nick’s overall crappy feeling, overtraining, tips to break out of runner’s fatigue, and if part of the issue might be all in Nick’s head.

Watch the entire episode on YouTube now!


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