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Parenting Note #735 – Upgrades

parenting note #735

This morning, I broke down and finally bought myself a new computer.

I’ve had my desktop since 2010. The computer three operating systems behind. The hard drive sounds like an ’89 Corvette when I start it up.

A few programs just refuse to work. A month ago, the computer just refused to go to sleep.

I put off the purchase for months because it’s a substantial amount of money and will probably have buyers remorse until the computer arrives, I boot it up and realize this old horse was dragging my productivity to a halt.

I realize with age comes financial responsibility, usually by accident. Ten years ago, I dropped just as much money on my current computer without blinking an eye. I didn’t think much about the money because I stupidly put it on a credit card. Credit cards feel like someone else’s money.

I paid cash for this computer. It felt good.

This is a lesson from a dad to all the younger people reading this post – don’t put shit on credit cards. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.

Other Stuff I Did When I Wasn’t Writing Notes

  • Did you see the story about the angry racist woman who threw her dog at a man? Well, the man kept the dog and it’s doing great.
  • Speaking of dogs, this pup was missing for 3 years. He finally turned up, 300 miles from home.
  • Do you know how KFC makes their gravy? After watching this video, I wish I didn’t know.
  • On this week’s episode of “We Run This”, Nick and I talked to Devon Levesque. He’s training to bear crawl a marathon. Our first question was “why?!?!”
  • On “Not About Wrestling”, I talk to Ring of Honor star Dalton Castle.

Dalton Castle talks about growing up a wrestling fan, bad karaoke, and video rental stores

Devon Lévesque Is Going To Bear Crawl 26.2 Miles And Our First Question Was ‘Why?!?’



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