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Parenting Note #738: Emails

parenting note #738

Both kids are involved in activities outside of school.

The 10-year-old plays drums and soccer. The 7-year-old does gymnastics.

All of these activities involve numerous email updates throughout the week.

Between activities, school emails, work emails, texts, DMs, and every other written form of communication put in front of my face every week, well, I frankly don’t read it all.

I try. I have good intentions.

I usually make it to about the second paragraph and then I start scanning and then my brain is onto other important thoughts like “what was my second-grade teacher’s name?” and “what was the main event of WrestleMania 4? back in 1988”

The answers are Mrs. Sapner and Randy Savage won the World Heavyweight Championship.

What was in the important soccer game update sent to the TeamSnap app this morning? Not a clue.

Other Stuff I Did When I Wasn’t Writing Notes

  • Check the Hot Pockets in your freezer, they might contain stuff besides pepperoni and cheese.
  • Remember Vinny from “Jersey Shore”? He’s now the “Keto Guido” and in amazing shape.
  • The lawyer defending one of the Capitol rioters had a pretty funny comment about his client’s chances of being found innocent.
  • If you’re looking to make your next run even more challenging, check out this “run, push-up, run” workout.
  • Check out my interview with trainer and nutritionist, Gab Bolin. Especially the part where we discuss motivating a spouse who might not want to workout or eat healthy all the time.


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