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Parenting Note #741: Cramped

Parenting note #741

The kids were snowed in at my house this weekend, from Thursday night until Monday afternoon.

I realized during these five days that we had outgrown this space. I’m running out of places to put stuff.

I’m doing more video interviews for my podcasts, so I bought a ring light. My office is in my living room, and the desk is already covered, and the drawers are full, and putting the light on either side of the desk will get it knocked over and busted by careless kids or an insane cat.

When I’m not filming, the ring light now resides on top of the dresser in my bedroom. The hourly snowplows scraping against the concrete every hour kept me awake all night, staring at the light and hating everything about the apartment.

Once I make up my mind about something, I find every reason to back up my decision.

The walls in the living room are buckling. The carpet is old, the fan in the bathroom works when it wants to work, I can smell everything my neighbors cook, or every time they toke up, I can hear every word my downstairs neighbor says during 1 am phone calls to god knows who, both washing machines in the laundry room have been broken for weeks, and the landlord is raising the rent.

This week, I’m contacting a realtor and officially shopping for a new place to live.

Other Stuff I Did When I Wasn’t Writing Notes

The “What the butt?” vs. “What the f*ck?” debate rages on…

I posted this video to TikTok and Instagram of my daughter maybe cursing. People are torn as to whether she said “butt” or dropped the F-bomb.


She swears she said “what the butt?” but I’m just not sure. #cursingkids #whatthebutt #ModelFace

♬ original sound – Chris Illuminati617

I wasn’t mad, just taken completely off guard. I laughed about it when she left the room.

Here’s my interview with wrestling legend Rob Van Dam

Here’s my interview with the “Redneck Prefontaine,” Craig Engels

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