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Parenting Note #747: Just The Two Of Us

parenting note #747

The 7-year-old spent the night at grandma’s house. Cutting the number of kids in half feels like a vacation.

I don’t remember the feeling of being a parent to only one child because the situation didn’t last very long. The 10-year-old was an only child for about three years, and then his sister came along.

Dealing with one kid feels like a dream. Especially a 10-year-old who can take care of himself (for the most part) and who doesn’t require constant help.

The 10-year-old acted completely differently with his sister around. After only asking once, he got dressed, went right to bed when it was time, and even refilled the water dispenser in the fridge without me asking.

And the fighting! There was no fighting. No smacking each other for no reason, turning off the lights to piss the other kid off, arguing over sides of the room, or freaking out because one kid is “making a face” the other kid doesn’t like.

I picked up the 7-year-old in the afternoon and, within minutes, the two were fighting, wrestling around, and making annoying faces at one another, and that might just be the way they say they missed one another.

I watched for a minute and realized I could never have one without the other, and this was just their way of being brother and sister, and then after a minute, I told them to knock it the fuck off because I was already annoyed.



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