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Parenting Note #751: Intermission

Parenting Note #751

There was a time when saying this to my kids wasn’t an option. I’d try, but within minutes they’d be in my face about something dumb.

My son would sometimes get right in my face and go “Dad! What are you doing?!?!” while I laid down with my eyes closed.

“I’m practicing for when they bury me and you’ll finally leave me the f…”

Now, I just have to say the words “I’m shutting my…,” and my daughter will reply, “yeah, yeah, leave you alone.”

And they do leave me alone while making AS MUCH NOISE AS POSSIBLE around in their room.

My daughter once yelled at my son at the top of her lungs, “SHUT UP! DADDY IS TRYING TO SLEEP!”

Bless her heart, how could I be mad at that attempt?

Here’s the good thing about shutting my eyes for a few minutes – I’ve perfected the power nap completely by accident.

I’ll nod off for about seven or eight minutes, wake up with a jolt, and feel totally refreshed. I don’t know how it happened, but I’m not questioning the method.

If I look too deeply into the ability, I’ll screw it all up.


ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE OF “WE RUN THIS”– I talked to Lindsey Bomgren of Nourish Move Love. Lindsey discusses the time she ran a marathon through the hills of Haiti with only ten miles of training prior to the event, being comfortable with your body type, how home gyms are the new speakeasy, and giving up a lucrative career to chase her dream of being a fitness entrepreneur.

ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE OF “NOT ABOUT WRESTLING” – Former NWA star, Nikita Koloff, talks about his ministry, wrestling his first match with zero training, spending half his adult life pretending to be Russian, and almost playing Ivan Drago in “Rocky IV.”


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