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Parenting Notes #661-670

Sometimes, I’ll look at the numbering of these parenting notes and think, “good gravy, I’m approaching 1,000 notes.”

I’ve never stuck to anything creative for very long. I’ll work hard at something, get distracted or come up with another idea, and move on to the next venture.

Yet, here I am, posting notes numbering int the high 600s, with a ton more already done and ready to go.

The reason I keep pushing forward is connected to two things – the popularity of the calendars and the personal messages people send about the notes.

My 2020 Parenting Posts For Sanity’s Sake Daily Calendar is now available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, and on every major calendar website.

(Full Disclosure – If you click that Amazon link, it will take you straight to the Amazon page. If you buy the calendar, not only will you get an awesome 365-day calendar for yourself – or maybe as a gift – but I get a small percentage of the sale.)

The calendar has sold out three times on Amazon already, and once on Calendars.com, which boggles my mind.

So, in this week of giving thanks, I’d like to give some of my own.

Thank you for the personal emails, Facebook messages, and Instagram DMs.

Thank you for supporting me by buying the calendar or purchasing my parenting book.

Thank you.

Now, onto the notes…

Parenting Note #661

parenting note #661

Don’t worry, when we got home, I exacted a small level or revenge. ⁣

I confiscated the bag and made them sleep outside. ⁣

Calm down, I gave them toilet paper just in case. ⁣

Parenting Note #662

parenting note #662

Is procrastination hereditary?

Parenting Note #663

parenting note #663

Do you hear that sound? ⁣

It’s my balloon bursting.⁣

Parenting Note #664

parenting note #664

True story.

Parenting Note #665

parenting note #665

Parenting Note #666

parenting note #666

Parenting Note #667

parenting note #667

I want to say that, deep down, I kinda like it when my kids push certain boundaries.

But that would be a lie.

It’s not deep down. It’s on the surface level.

I never pushed. I was a good kid. I did as I was told. I never intentionally caused a problem for anyone.

Show me the famous biography that begins with “he did everything that people told him.”

There’s a Kanye West interview where he discusses parenting and how it relates to creativity. He gives this example about a toddler climbing and standing on a coffee table and being told it’s wrong.

His question – “who says it’s wrong?”

Standing on a coffee table is dangerous, people say.

But the kid could crawl under the table, jump up quick, and smash his head. A hot drink could fall over, through no fault of the child’s, and burn a kid mindless playing next to the table. Kids could trip and smash their face on it, run into it by mistake, or fall face-first into while playing on the couch.

Wait. I’ve got it. Let’s f*cking ban coffee tables. Banish coffee tables. Persona non grata along with dodgeball, specific books, and hugging.

Now that the danger is gone and we’re all once again safe, was the act ever “wrong”?

If it brings the child immense joy, screw it, let him or her climb. One ascent onto an Ikea table could lead to a backyard wall, an indoor facility, and eventually El Capitan.

I don’t want mindlessly obedient and vanilla kids.

I just want them to hang up their jacket, so I don’t have to ask for the hundredth time.

Parenting Note #668

parenting note #668

More healthy eating tips that I’ve learned over the years:⁣

– To avoid late-night snacking, go to bed after dinner.⁣

– There’s a garbage can in your kitchen, that’s where the rest of your kid’s meals go. They don’t go into your mouth.⁣

– Only shop the perimeter of the grocery store. The food that will make you fat hangs out in the aisles.⁣

– Eating too many vegetables never made someone fat.⁣

– Sticking a note to the junk food cabinet that reads “NO!” works better than you realize (plus the kids think it’s there to monitor their food intake.) ⁣

– You’re not hungry, you’re either bored or thirsty. ⁣

Got a tip of your own? Tell me in the comments.

Parenting Note #669

parenting note #669

Parenting Note #670

parenting note #670

It’s his favorite game but it keeps getting sadder.

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