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21 Dads & Fatherhood Accounts To Follow On Instagram


I’m a dad on Instagram. You probably already knew that fact. It might even be what brought you to this website.

What you might not know is that the photo-sharing platform has over 1 billion users. The average user spends almost a half hour a day scrolling through the app.

There are so many excellent Instagram accounts that focus on being a mom that it was only natural that dads got in on the act as well.

It seems like every week, a new Instagram account dedicated to dads of all types crops up and takes myInstagram feed search feed by storm.

Every account is unique and churns out top-notch content. There’s a slew of dads to follow on Instagram that I check out even when I don’t see one of their photos fly across my home feed.

Here are 21 dads and fatherhood-focused accounts to follow on Instagram right now.

When you’re done checking out and following all of these dads on Instagram, take a look at the best dad websites to read once a week, the best parenting websitesand the best books for new dads.

Best Dads To Follow On Instagram

Simon Holland: @simonholland

Ok, this first Instagram account is just another version of Holland’s popular Twitter account, but that doesn’t make it any less hilarious.

Here’s a little about Simon from his website:

“I am a husband and a dad of two little girls. I am a lone Y chromosome and am already planning my escapestrategy to deal with the estrogen flood that is on its way. People say there is a lot of joy to be found in the simple things and I have found they can provide a healthy dose of anti-awesome as well. I am, in general, a pretty optimistic guy and needed a bit of a creative outlet; so here it is.”

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Uh oh

A post shared by Simon Holland (@simoncholland) on

TheDad: @thedad

One of the fastest growing dads to follow on Instagram, this account is curated by the creators of the hilarious The Dad website.

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*vampire voice* I vant to ear your garlic bread

A post shared by The Dad (@thedad) on

This account is one for dads to follow on Instagram for the barrage of hysterical parenting memes, comics, and short videos.

Stone Cold Daddy: @stonecolddaddy

Jay-Z of Stone Cold Daddy explains on his website – “If you came here for a bunch of warm and fuzzies and sentimental musings of a proud parent, you came to the wrong damn website. What you will read are the words of a man who loves his kids more than anything in the world. I will love the hell out of them with every waking breath and do all I can to ensure they grow in a household of love.”


The Daily Dad: @thedailydad

The Daily Dad celebrates fatherhood while challenging stereotypes. It’s also addictive.

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@pregnantchicken knows what’s up!

A post shared by The Daily Dad (@thedailydad) on

An extension of the popular Daily Dad website, the group behind the Instagram account and website celebrate fatherhood in all its forms: single dads, married dads, widowed dads, gay dads, new dads, and granddads all the while challenging stereotypes.


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Beau Coffron: @lunchboxdad

Beau Coffron is the Lunch Box Dad. His Instagram account highlights the food art that doubles as kid’s lunches.

This dad to follow on Instagram and his fantastic lunch creations appeared on Good Morning America, Steve Harvey, PEOPLE Mag, Martha Stewart, E! Online and BuzzFeed.

First, chuckle and salivate over Beau’s box lunches, then check out all of his edible creations on his official website, The LunchBox Dad.

How To Be A Dad: @howtobeadad

Curated by a blogfathers of parenting content, Andy, the How To Be A Dad Instagram account is just as uproariously funny as the popular website.

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“Why don’t you try it, Daddy?”

A post shared by HowToBeADad (@howtobeadad) on

This Instagram account for dads (and moms too) is intended to be an entertainment experience for parents, soon-to-be parents or anyone with parents.

Yup. Thats everybody.

The Real American Dadass: @realamericandadass

This dad is a father to 4 pint-sized dictators and welcomes people to follow along as sanity slips through his fingertips.

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Hahaha. Nice try!

A post shared by The Real American Dadass (@realamericandadass) on

Hes also funny as hell.

Papa Preaches: @papapreaches

Mike Cruse is Papa, a dad thats just making it up as he goes along, on his Instagram account and website Papa Does Preach.

Hes one of the dads to follow on Instagram for his updates about life living with kids, working as a writer for brands we all know and love and his general propensity for being slightly curmudgeonly on his popular podcast, Dad AF.

Paul at @daddinainteasy

Paul is a self-proclaimed “old and rickety but spry” work-at-home dad of one son.


Super Lunch Notes: @superlunchnotes

Curated by artist and designer Brent Almond, Super Lunch Notes is a collection of excellent hand drawn notes that Brent puts into his son’s lunchbox.

BuzzFeed, Today and Vogue Bambini all praise Super Lunch Notes and Im sure won Brents son more than a few trades for better snacks at the cafeteria table.

Old School Dads: @oldschooldads

One of my absolute new favorite dads to follow on Instagram, Old School Dads is a curation of the astounding and beyond embarrassing photos of days (and dads) gone by.

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A post shared by Old School Dads (@oldschooldads) on

Honoring the classic dad, the Old School Dads account accepts submissions at #oldschooldads if you want to embarrass the hell out of your old man. Theyve even got an account for@oldschoolmomsso the ladies dont feel left out!

Fowl Language Comics: @fowllanguagecomics

Created by Brian Gordon, Fowl Language Comics if the Calvin and Hobbes of the new millennium except Calvin and Hobbes and everyone else is a duck and its even funnier.

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Today’s comic is sponsored by @hitandcrash !

A post shared by Fowl Language Comics (@fowllanguagecomics) on

Gordon believes parenting can be a magical journey full of bliss and wonder – if you’re on the right meds. For the rest of us parents, it’s another thing altogether. Hes a dad to follow on Instagram because…do I need to explain this one?!?

Steve Tate: Tate28

Steve Tate lost his son, Hayes, to a rare form of brain cancer at the age of 1. After losing his son, Steve felt inspired and decided to honor him by writing a book.

Steve and his wife arehuge childhood cancer advocates through the HayesTough Foundation. The foundation helps families with kids battling cancer while raising funds for research.

Tate is a dad to follow on Instagram for his inspirational journey through life as he raises his six other children.

Dads To Follow On Instagram (Cont.)

Dad Download: @daddownload

Lee is a self-proclaimed lover of captions, coffee, stories, his wife and daughter and his delivery guy, Dave.

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If you were to ask me about the memories I have of my father, they'd generally include a pint or two (or three), happiness, tears, excitement, & disappointment… Ok, we're both huge football fans & if you are, or know of a football supporter, you'll know that within 90 minutes, they can experience every single emotion under the sun… The one thing I will always have a memory of however is the feeling that he's got my back. Always! . I want Ava to be the same (in time!). I'm pretty certain her current memories are of an exhausted-looking dad who's really winging it and learning each and every day. But with exhaustion comes fun, & I'll continue to fill her memories with fun times, laughter and excitement because there's nothing more rewarding than seeing a big cheesy smile plastered across her cute little face. These awesome t-shirts from @notonthehighstreet seem to sum up our relationship pretty well! . What memories do you have of your father? #NOTHSFathersDay #ad

A post shared by Lee Chisholm (@daddownload) on

Im not sure about the Dave situation, but Lee loves his daughter Ava. His Instagram account honors life with his adorable little girl.

Chris McVeigh: @powerpig

McVeigh is a father, designer, builder and professional geek with a passion for LEGO.

His original creations are always a captivating experience on Instagram and most of his retro brick creations are available for purchase at his official shop.

Fatherhood is Lit: @fatherhoodislit

Fatherhood is Lit believes a dads presence in this world never has to be boring. He strives to help dads live their best life.

FIL curates the best dads on Instagram and brings their lives to a new audience while occasionally celebrating his own family.

Fatherhood Fitness Finance: @fatherhoodfitnessfinance

Seth McKay is an all-star dad to 3 kids. This engineer turned entrepreneur is a dad to follow on Instagram for his love of crushing weights and

McKays Instagram account focuses on three favorite pastimes fatherhood, fitness, and finance. He recently left a cushy corporate job to co-found a start-up. That takes guts.

Life With Benjamin: @life_with_benjamin

David Pierre is a photographer and video maker who wants to remind everyone that spending all day with a toddler isn’t always easy. No really, it isn’t easy!

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Somedays it's really hard to be fully involved in a game of trucks with Benny. I am thinking about vacations and all the chores that need to get done. However, what can I do? I am only one person! Or, am I? . When I was … let's say, younger … there was this movie with Michael Keaton called, Multiplicity. The basic Idea is he clones himself to get more things done. This got me thinking. . What if I simply cloned myself? One to play trucks, one for vacation planning, and one for doing chores. It's brilliant! . Anyway, I don't remember what happens in the movie. However, given it was a mid 90's comedy, I'm sure the plan went terribly wrong and then went back to normal by the end with some sort of lesson learned. #predicatbleplots #ididntlearnanything

A post shared by Canadian Dad | David (@life_with_benjamin) on

When Pierre isnt capturing captivating photos with his son Benjamin, hes creating tutorial videos explaining how the process of video-making and picture-taking is done over on his YouTube channel.

Dad and Buried: @dadandburied

Mike is a 41-year-old Brooklyn dad sharing his experiences as a father and whining about his kids destroying his social life.

When hes not posting photos to his popular Instagram, hes writing for websites like Scary Mommy and the Huffington Post.

Mike puts it all out there in his bio – “Dont worry, I dont hate my kids. I just hate parenting.”

Dads Say Jokes: @dadsayjokes

Finally, one of the most followed Dad jokes page on Instagram. Dads Say Jokes is a daily dose of father-approved humor.

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A post shared by Dad Jokes by Pubity (@dadsaysjokes) on

My love of agood dad joke is obvious, so this account is a personal fave

Fatherly: @fatherly

How could I forget the website that I write for, Fatherly, in my original list?!?! I’m truly a putz sometimes.

Are you a father to follow on Instagram? Do you have a favorite account that I missed? Shout it out in the comments. Ill check it out and possibly add it to list of dads to follow on Instagram.

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Chris Illuminati is a freelance writer and published author. Follow him on Twitter (@chrisilluminati), Instagram (@messagewithabottle) or email him at

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