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Note #786 – Spreading Cheer

Note #786

On a scale of 1 to 10 – one being “barely a twinkle light” to 10 being “the neighbors are outside with pitchforks,” where does your house score?

Also, a funny story about this photo. Sometimes, I take the note show on the road and snap photos out in public. For this photo, I went to my local Target because I figured taking a photo in the Christmas decor is easier than driving around town looking for the most obnoxious Christmas light display. Plus, then there’s photo lighting involved, and let’s be honest, I’m too damn lazy for all those logistics.

I’m walking toward the Christmas section and this much older woman (I’ll guess she’s in her early 70s) was walking around with her granddaughter (probably my son’s age). She smiles at me while I walk by.

Now I’m in the Christmas decor section trying to take a photo of this note without anyone seeing it. I don’t know why I get all secret agent when I take these photos in public. It’s one of those moments where you think everyone is staring at you when in reality, no one knows you exist.




I take the photo, grab the note, and high-tail it out of the Christmas section where I come face-to-face with the grandma again. She stops, looks me dead in the eye, puts one hand gently on my arm, and says “I just want to tell you that smell really good.”

I thanked her and smiled and long story short we are engaged.

So, I’m walking towards the pharmacy – the other reason I’m in Target – and I’m replaying the moment in my head. I’m thinking how several aspects of getting older will suck but other parts will be fun as hell like having the balls to walk up to a complete stranger and drop a compliment and totally make their day.

I don’t remember the last time I walked up to a person and said “hey, nice shirt” or “you’re crushing it at those squats, good job.”

I’m not going to wait until I get older. I’m going to make an effort to spread the adulations around from now on and share the best moments on the website.

I’ll probably start after the honeymoon though.



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