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Parenting Notes #712-720: Life in Self-Isolation

parenting in self-isolation

Life in self-isolation does a few advantages.

Not many, but a few.

I’m trying to look at the glass as half full after the announcements of many schools shutting down for the rest of the year, businesses remaining closed for the foreseeable future, money being tight for millions of Americans, and a president marching a country into a death mission so Wall Street can survive.

Here are the bright spots to this new life in self-isolation:


There’s less pressure to grind, crush it, burn the candle at both ends and put ourselves in an early grave from overworking.

The roads are less traveled and we’re not dragging kids around from activity to activity.

People are running more or maybe just lying to me about running more in my DMs.

While not making as much money, many people are saving money on gas, coffee, lunches, and all the other items consumers mindlessly spend money on each day.

We’re spending more time with the people we love and completely avoiding people we hate spending time with thanks to a foolproof excuse.

Never being allowed to leave the house, homeschooling, scavenger hunting for toilet paper, yes, all of those things suck, but will you PLEASE look at the full part of the glass with me.

Pretend it’s full of vodka. That should get your attention.

Ok, where was I….

Everyone is getting better at cutting their own hair or living with the fact they or their spouse completely fucked up their hair.

No one is complaining about having way too much to watch on Netflix.

I’m already prepared for holidays like Mother’s Day and bought a Father’s Day gift. I usually leave those things to last minute and end up buying really pointless gifts.

People are learning new skills and picking up new hobbies, picking up items to cook more, launching podcasts, and dropping hilarious Tik Tok videos.

For example, I signed up for three free months on Fender.com to learn guitar. I’m also teaching myself the first few chords of a ton of popular songs. I teach myself just enough for someone to say, “Hey, isn’t that _____” and then I can stop.

Remember how much commuting to work sucked? Walking into another room isn’t so bad, huh. I’ve been doing it for years.

Ok, now I’m struggling for more positives.

Did I miss anything else good about self-isolation? Let me know in the comments.

Here are the notes for this week. If these sound familiar, you probably follow me on Twitter.


Parenting Note #712

parenting note #712

This type of math is way more fun.

Parenting Note #713

parenting note #713

What day is today and does it really matter?

Parenting Note #714

parenting note #714

She wasn’t lying. She was better the next day.

Parenting Note #715

parenting note #715

It also explains why you’re named Quarantine.

Parenting Note #716

parenting note #716

And I truly hope it’s only thirty more days.

Parenting Note #717

parenting note #717

Let’s all drink to our new drinking habits!

Parenting Note #718

parenting note #718

Again, it’s the idea that I COULD, if I wanted…

Parenting Note #719

parenting note #719

It’s also proven we’d all make AWFUL teachers.

Parenting Note #720

parenting note #720

I’ve got my mask, gloves, sanitizer and 6-foot stick to point at people gettin too close.

The only thing I forgot was my grocery list.

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1 comment on “Parenting Notes #712-720: Life in Self-Isolation

  1. Michele Haines Bartley

    No running (yet) but a lot more walking. Well, when it’s not balls ass cold out. I may enjoy the fresh air, but I’m still a wuss.

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