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Parenting Tip #367 – Helpful Advice For Single Dads

This is the first time I'm addressing the news of my separation in an actual note.

“I think it’s called being a single dad because I only own one of everything.”

It’s a rare occurrence when posting one of my parenting notes brings visitors to the website but that’s exactly what happened after posting this note to Instagram.

This is the first time I’m addressing the news of my separation in an actual note.

So here we are…

I made mention of the separation in the about section, though who the hell ever reads that part of a website.

I’ve written extensively about being a single dad before, especially on the Fatherly website.

I’ve written about being single again and my piece-of-crap couch, the things I’ve learned about myself now that I live alone again, the guilt that comes with dropping off my kids, and changing my parenting style now that I have kids.

I’ve given advice to single dads in a few columns, specifically some things men should know before getting separated, how single dads can make the most of time spent with kids and even how to spot problems in the marriage.

Finally, I even wrote an advice piece of all the things people should avoid saying and asking a single dad. You’re welcome, clueless peeps.

My single piece of advice for any new single dad is the same response I give when asked anything about parenting.

This too shall pass.

You’ll have good days, bad days, awful and outstanding days.

The good doesn’t last forever but the bad doesn’t stick around for long.

Also, try to buy more than one of everything.

So how am I doing as a single dad? Honestly, I’m doing great.

My kids are handling it well and have acclimated to life in two different houses.

The ex and I are on good terms.

I’m happy.

I’m healthy.

It’s all I can ask for in life.


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