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35 Funniest Parenting Memes + Tweets This Week

Funniest Parenting memes Of The Week

Welcome to another installment of “parents just barely making it,” better known as, the funniest parenting memes & tweets this week.

Funny story before getting into the meat and potatoes of this post.

Both my kids went to the dentist about two months ago. Both my kids had 4 cavities. Four. Immediately, I felt like a failure as a parent. No time to unpack that baggage right now.

Both were scheduled to have those cavities drilled and filled on Friday, August 13th. That’s today. They’ve both been dreading the appointment.

My phone rings at 8 am. It’s their mom and immediately my mind goes “Oh, this can’t be good.”

I imagined my daughter holding off the doctor and nurses with a drill while my son tied everyone up with those little cords the hygienist uses to put the bib around your neck.

It’s the 8-year-old on the phone.

“Daddy, guess what?”
“The dentist’s office called. We don’t have to go.”
“What?!? Why?”
“The dentist was in an accident and is in the hospital! I’m so happy.”
“Ok, well, I understand that but let’s keep in mind someone is in the hospital.”
“Oh. Right. So sad.”

A little bit of good news for the kids on a typically “unlucky” day.

In a related story, their appointments are rescheduled for the afternoon after their first day of school.

Yeah, I laughed at that too.

Please enjoy this week’s dad jokes, parent complaints, mom puns, tweets, and rants every parent will appreciate.

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