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Note #801 – Resolutions

Note #801

Did you know that January 19th is the average day people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions?

I personally believe that New Year’s Resolutions are bullshit (why do you need to wait until a specific date to make improvements to your life?), but I’m sure many of you made them this year.

If you’re still going, good for you.

If you’re not, you probably just need a push. There’s still hope.



Here’s how to not quit on your New Year’s Resolutions just yet:

1. Remember your why. Why did you make these resolutions to start with?

2. Make your resolutions even more specific. People habitually – and purposely – make goals too vague. Change your resolution from “I want to lose weight” to “I want to lose ten pounds by April 30th.”

3. Get an accountability partner and incentivize your failing for them. Find a family member who’ll hold you accountable and pay them (or give them something) every time you screw up.

4. Read my note above again. Now sit down and write out all the things you’ve given up on over the past few years. If a page full of failures isn’t enough incentive to light a fire under your ass, you’re probably beyond hope.


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