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35 Funniest Parenting Memes + Tweets This Week

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Welcome to another installment of “parents just barely making it,” better known as, the funniest parenting memes & tweets this week.

The fun of moving into a place continues. I still don’t have a couch. This is only slightly less annoying than my power outage issues last week.

The couch I bought couldn’t fit through the door – more accurately it couldn’t fit around the corner to get in the door – so it had to be sent back. I had to go back to the store to order a smaller couch and chair. The company only delivers on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The couch and chair don’t come until next week.

You don’t realize how much you sit on a couch until you don’t have a couch. I also don’t feel completely moved in. I feel like I’m living in a yoga studio.

The kids don’t seem to mind. They just hang out in their rooms all day. It’s probably for the best. It leaves more room for the 11am Vinyasa yoga class.

Please enjoy this week’s dad jokes, parent complaints, mom puns, tweets, and rants every parent will appreciate.



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