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Note #803 – Planning To Fail

Note #803

This note is a joke but most jokes have some sprinkle of truth. Meal planning is a total pain in the butthole.


I usually search for help in cookbooks. Three of my favorites are pictured above:

How To Cook For Beginners by Gywn Novak
The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs by Test Kitchen Kids and America’s Test Kitchen
The Jersey Shore Cookbook by Deborah Smith (because I’ve gotten work NJ into everything)

I want to hear YOUR tips for planning meals for the week. Let me know how you handle the ordeal that is food shopping and cooking in the comments section.

The most inventive idea will get a little goodie bag as a thank you which will include my custom Post-It Note mealing planning notepad from 3M (which is pictured here and available at this link.)

So let’s hear them because I have no idea what to make tonight…or tomorrow night..and pretty much the rest of the week.

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4 comments on “Note #803 – Planning To Fail

  1. Grace Anzelmo

    Lately our meal planning has involved putting a cookbook in front of my 10-yr old and telling him to find things he thinks sounds good or fun to eat. Then we build the grocery list and when we arrive at the store, we tear it into bits and send him running to find things we need while we wander through the store picking up the easily broken(eggs) or bruised (veggies, fruit, bread) since when he locates something on his list, he comes running back and slam dunks it into the basket. We’ve also started getting him to help with meal prep and cooking – which definitely means more dirty dishes and a happier pup from carrot and apple bits dropped on the floor. The best part though is most recently he discovered the ‘holiday special’ part of the cookbook so in January we were eating ‘bloody fingers’ and ‘goblin toes’ out of the Halloween section.

  2. I grab my recipe binder( only family approved recipes go in it). I usually choose 4-5. Make a list, I divide the list in sections( dairy, meat, produce, canned/dry, bakery, freezer) then I shop my pantry/freezer/cupboards and cross everything off the list we have. Hit the store and prep a lot of the food when I get home. I usually double a lot of the meals and put 1in the freezer.

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