Dad Tank Drop Off

Dad Drops Kids Off To School IN A TANK, So Now Your Prius Looks Even Dumber

“I don’t care if Ashley and Danny come to school in a tank! We’re trying to help the environment! Now go to your god damn room!” Continue reading

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Little Kid Acts A Fool In Grocery Store And Gets What’s Coming To Him

This video made me laugh but, as a parent, this guy’s anger is focused on the wrong person. Continue reading

ABC Graffiti Letters Alphabet Pink

There Are 328 People In America Named ‘Abcde’ And Now I’m Officially Moving

Shaking my head. Reading a story and shaking my head.

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This Is What A 3-Year-Old Snapping 677 Selfies Looks Like

Kids getting a hold of your phone is the worst. They either drain all your battery downloading games that no one will ever play again, or they’re like this 3-year-old girl and they’ll take 677 selfies.

Fortunately, the child in question had a pretty cool mom, and this was her response.

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Dad Finds Old Letter Kid Wrote To Tooth Fairy And It’s Fantastic

Tooth Fairy

This letter starts off with “Not Very Dear” and this little girl spit fire for the rest of the missive. Continue reading