MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! So maybe it’s good that I’m up early…

Wake and Bake

Alright, so maybe a month (or more) ago I teased a huge announcement on the MWAB Facebook fan page. Then I totally didn’t make the announcement but not without good reason.

If I’ve learned anything in the business of writing — or any business really — it’s that everything takes time. Everything. Especially when things like contracts, demands, agreements and humans get involved. We humans screw up so much progress! Oh, and summer. Nothing ever gets done in the summer. The entire world takes a three month vacation from “work.”

That’s my really long-winded way of explaining that I’ve signed the papers (and handed in the first half draft at this point) on my very next book called The New Dad Dictionary. The title pretty much explains it all but I’ll explain anyway — The New Dad Dictionary will be a quick resource for clueless new dads into all the terms involved with raising kids. Terms like Ferberization, weaning, helicopter parenting and all of the words and phrases and new dad will hear and read and wonder “what the hell does that mean?!?”

The New Dad Dictionary is scheduled for a Spring 2015 release. When it hits Amazon for preorder I’ll be sure to bother everyone again. Until then, pick up one of my other books, because you don’t want my children to starve.

Love and butt rubs,