Here’s the worst ‘kid on a plane’ story I’ve heard in a while

Child Looking at Airplane

Earlier this summer the entire brood took its first ride on a plane. It went much better than expected. After the adrenaline rush of takeoff, The Kid settled into his seat for Lego Movie and copious amounts of fruit snacks. The Baby, already past nap time, passed out seconds into flight. It didn’t hurt that airplanes are four ton sound machines.

I’m fully aware it won’t always be that easy.

Flights, car rides or train trips rarely go according to plan because traveling with a kid blows. They’re wild cards. Parents understand this fact. Strangers, especially those without spawn, don’t understand. But take it from a kid-lugging parent – we feel just as bad for complete strangers as we do for ourselves when a kid won’t stop crying on a cross-country flight. Continue reading

How running makes me a better parent


Running is my religion. The wearing out of sneaker soles is good for my soul.

My pastor is the permanent roommate, a long ago convert, she tried unsuccessfully for years to shepherd me into the flock of pavement pounders.

“It’s not my thing,” I’d say, shuffling to the free weight area of the gym while she clocked mile after mile on the treadmill.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to my church as often as I’d like anymore but the moment my sneakers touch the asphalt for a run a calm takes over my body. Continue reading