Batkid movie

Remember The Tale Of The ‘Batkid’? Well You’re Going To Want To Read This Update

Remember the story of the 5-year-old Make-A-Wish child Miles Scott? He’s the ‘Batkid’ who had probably the greatest day ever thanks to countless donors, organizers and the city of San Francisco who all worked together to turn the City By The Bay into Batkid’s personal Gotham City? Continue reading

Orgasm Mom

‘Orgasm Mom’ Fights Depression By Making An Effort To Get Off Once A Day And I Don’t Mean ‘The Couch’

It’s happened to pretty much all of us — a medication to help us in one area of life actual prohibits us from doing something else.

It’s kind of like in those commercials for drugs on TV where it helps with constant peeing but the side effects include growing horns, suddenly knowing all the dialogue to Madea movies by heart and farting glitter blasts. Those are all way worse conditions than just having to piss all the time. Continue reading