For Just $32K, This Company Will Name Your Kid For You

Fresh off the news that a couple in France want to name their kid after a dessert spread comes this little nugget — a company is charging $32K to come up with original baby names.

The company, named Erfolgswelle, claims that they can conjure up an original name that’s NEVER BEEN USED BEFORE. How can they be so sure? Sit down, Nutella, and I’ll tell ya. Nut tell ya. Whatever. Continue reading


These Parents Wanted To Name Their Baby Something Odd, So The Court Had To Step In

There’ve been a lot of strange baby names. Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, the Hunger Games franchise made Katniss a popular name, and mothers were so swooned by Fifty Shades of Grey that they wanted to name their sons after the BDSM freak.

But when a French mother wanted to name her daughter Nutella, it was so ridiculous that the courts had to step in and legally prevent her from doing so.

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Disney Toys Unwrapping

Meet The Woman Who Made $4.9 Million Dollars LAST YEAR By Unwrapping Disney Toys On YouTube

It’s a nice job if you can get it. In this case, an anonymous woman just MADE UP her damn job and it involves toys. Toys! Disney toys to be exact.

According to Hello Giggles (yeah, I read it sometimes, but just for the articles) this anonymous woman made over $4.9 million last year taking Elsa and Minnie out of their packaging. Continue reading


This Mom Is On Strike Because Her Kids Are The Absolute Worst

We all want to think our children are the best in the world, but sometimes we just have to be honest with ourselves and realize that our little ones suck. (But not yours, of course! We’re talking about the other collective “we.”) If you ever find yourself in that moment, you might want to use this mom as inspiration. Her kids suck, and now she’s on strike to teach them a lesson.

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Life Hacks

Life Hacks For Parents You’ll Wish You Figured Out Years Ago

Life hacks save everyone a ton of time, and, a ton of effort. There’s only one frustrating thing about life hacks, especially when it comes to the hacks that help raise a kid.

The only frustrating thing about life hacks is after the initial revelation that a difficult issue can be fixed with one simple trick is the instant hatred for yourself because “WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU THINK OF THAT?” Continue reading