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I Fell In Love With My Daughter ON TAX DAY!

One of the biggest perks of being a new dad happened the day I filed my taxes. I didn’t think I could love my daughter anymore than I already did, but I was so wrong. I had 13 other parents submit vids/pics and this is how we celebrated. Was I a little too excited? Yes.

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Calling All Tax Refund Parents!

I filed my taxes and fell in love with my daughter all over again! I was so happy when that direct deposit hit that I made a song about it and I want YOU to be apart of the video!

If you claim children on your taxes, post or message me a thumbs up pic with your kid(s) OR a 15 sec video of you doing a tax return celebration dance with your kid(s) on MY FACEBOOK PAGE. This is gonna be FUN!

Every Day Is Awesome

The Kid explained this the other night before bed. He’s either watched too much Lego Movie or is preparing for a life as a motivational speaker.

In this case, he’s 100% correct though — today is an awesome day for him and for me. He’s turning five and my new book — THE NEW DAD DICTIONARY — is now available everywhere! It’s available online, in stores and out of the back of my trunk if you happen to bump into me on the street.

Please be so kind as to pick one up for the new dad (or mom, it’s also good for moms) in your life, review it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, pump it up on Goodreads or just spread the word by yelling out your bedroom window.

Thanks and I love you all!



Confessions of a New Father

My daughter just celebrated 4 months of life. New and experienced parents know what this means. ROUND 2 OF 4 BACK TO BACK SHOTS STRAIGHT INTO MY DAUGHTERS THIGHS! Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds. This is the brief story of what happened on this round and an embarrassing confession of something I did 2 months ago (round 1 of the baby shots).


What to do when the Baby’s Sleeping

My condolences to the former sleep patterns of all new parents out there. You’ve created a mini human who requires every resource you have. Luckily, the universe have given you a secret new parent gift called “nap time”. What you do with this blessing will determine if you’ll ever see true happiness again.

This video outlines 3 things to consider while mapping out the grand things you can accomplish while your tiny human is in slumber. Tell us what you do when your baby, kid, teen, or adult has their eyes shut.