Black Friday Stampede

And Now To Get Us All In The Holiday Spirit, A Supercut Of The Best Black Friday Stampedes Of 2014


Kid Sad Wedding

Little Man Is CRUSHED To Find Out His Girl Is Marrying Another

Poor little dude. So young and his heart is already broken. He’s crushed to find out his love of, at least a year, is betrothed to another. Continue reading


The Condition Affecting New Dads ‘That No One Is Talking About’ — Except Me, Four Years Ago

Let this be a lesson to everyone — I’m ahead of the curve. I suffer from stuff WAY before other people.

Kidding. I’m just big enough to admit it. Continue reading

Acrobatic Kid

10-Year-Old Is So Good at Gymnastics That He Blows His Own Mind

Have you ever performed something so truly astounding that you even impressed yourself? Well, even if you did, chances are you weren’t as pleased with yourself as this kid.

A 10-year-old gymnastics prodigy attempted to pull a grass triple full, which you can tell just by looking at the video footage is pretty damn hard to do. But he did it! And not once but twice!

Continue reading

Dear God, Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Are Already Annoying Parents And The Probably Flawless Kid Isn’t Even Here Yet


Jesus Christ, everyone stop, fucking stop! Stop parenting. You’ll pale in comparison to the pending super providers known as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. They’ve got this whole parenting thing figured out, you guys, and she’s still pregnant! Continue reading

Spencer Can't Whistle

Little Kid Can’t Whistle, Because It’s Impossible, So Stop Asking Him You Jerk

Spencer can’t whistle. Watch, he tries, but he just can’t whistle. Continue reading

Baby Eats Parakeet

Baby Meets His Pet Parakeet For The First Time, Decides He Looks Delicious

It’s almost snack time — for the parakeet and the kid. Continue reading


40 Fads From The 2000s That Your Kids Are Sure To Rip You On For Following

Ah, the aughts — a simpler time when entire wardrobes were furnished by Ed Hardy and cell phones did only two things — answer and make phone calls. Continue reading