Little Girl’s Toy Fairy Takes Flight And Probably Collides With A 747

This is what happens when dad replaces AA batteries with plutonium inside a toy fairy. Continue reading

Citizen Brick

This LEGO Set Will Cost You All Your $1s

There’ve been many truly amazing LEGO sets that we desperately need — like the Jaws, Simpsons, Back to the Future and Ghostbusters sets — and then there’s this one. Some mad genius at Citizen Brick crafted a strip club LEGO set, complete with hairy-chested Chippendales stud muffin, cash to make it rain, zebra-print couches and, of course, flexible strippers.

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Comedian Dan Soder Perfectly Describes Why Kids Are So Terrifying To People Without Kids

I’m so torn by this video. On one hand, it’s a brilliant piece of comedy. On the other hand, I wish I thought of it first and I fucking hate him for not even being a parent and nailing it.

I love/hate you Dan Soder.


The Movie I Finally Watched After Twenty Years — But Only Because I Was Forced To

I remember the exchange and I’m pretty sure I remember the lunch spot because Nick and I ate lunch at the same three or four places every work week. Continue reading

Zachary Scott, The New York Times

They Grow Up So Fast! Kids Look Hilariously Perfect Dressed As Old Farts

What does one do when you’re The New York Times and you have talented photographers and makeup artists at your disposal? Dress up little kids as old people, of course!

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Creepy Kid Photo

Dad Posts THE CREEPIEST Baby Monitor Photo Of All Time Online

The photo above was posted to Reddit with the headline “My wife heard her name being whispered “Naa-taa-shaa..” she looked at the baby monitor to find our son like this.”

Not only is the photo something from a horror flick but how the hell did she hear her name when the monitor’s volume is obviously off?!? Continue reading

All About The Breast

‘It’s All About The Breast’ Is The Breastfeeding Parody The World…Needed?…Not Sure, But It’s Amusing

Let me start this post by saying NO ONE IS JUDGING YOU FOR BREASTFEEDING/NOT BREASTFEEDING so I don’t want a hundred angry comments letters and telegraphs (my telegraph machine is busted anyway) that are pro-bottle or anti-titty (is that a thing?) so everyone take a hand fan to your hormones. Continue reading

This Video Of Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time & Playing Cards Against Humanity Is Really Getting Me Excited About My ‘Twilight Years’

Oh my god I want to hang out with these old ladies and just make a night of it! Continue reading